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The Best Voicemail Script, Real Estate Marketing, Beating Competition, Leveraging Time and More!

By Alliance Bay Realty

Nov 09, 2017 11:15:08 AM 0 Comments 44 Views

Coach Tom Ferry

Real estate's #1 coach answers seven questions from agents about their businesses.

Do you know the difference between a unicorn and a donkey? If not, you’ll find out.


You’ll also learn:

• My best voicemail message to elicit a call back.

• What to do if you can make ONLY ONE video.

• Four crucial questions to gain consistency in your business.

• How to maximize a $200 monthly marketing budget.

• Why you need to leverage… or lose money.

• How the “180-degree theory” can help you compete with the big dogs.

• 3 books you should be reading now.